Editorial: An HD voice session at CES?

I’ve been having some background discussion with a company programming a day-long track at CES.  (er, AHEM, International 2013 CES)

The organization has roughly proposed the following within their track on Monday, January 7, 2013 – the day before CES opens up – they could have an HD voice/broadband voice session running from about 4:30 PM to 6 PM.

I know there’s been some community interest on an HD voice session, but how strong is it?

I would need to examine the press schedule and some other aspects of it. I’d also be very out-of-pocket on time if I organized, say two 45 minute or three 25-30 minute panel sessions. 

There’s also the matter of getting speaker commitments from service providers; I know there’s a large group of suppliers ready, willing, and eager to show up, but we’d have to have a bit more than the “usual suspects” talking about HD voice – that means wireless and/or wireline carriers.

Interested? Email me or post a comment to this piece. 

– Doug

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