Editorial: Retraction–Audience doesn’t think it’s IP will be used in Apple iPhone 5

[Thanks to the reader who pointed this out to me]

Apparently Audience’s earSmart and sound processing technology will NOT be used in Apple’s iPhone 5.  This contradicts a story HD Voice News published earlier today, where I said the iPhone 5 would use Audience’s tech.

Audience issued a press release last week saying it was “unlikely” Apple would put its processor intellectual property (processor IP) into Apple’s “next generation mobile phone”; i.e., the iPhone 5.  The company’s technology is still being used in “prior generations of the OEM’s mobile phones,”  which I believe to be the iPhone 4 (Audience silicon) and the iPhone  S (embedded on the silicon of the A5 processor inside the phone).

HD Voice News apologizes for the error.

Doug Mohney
HD Voice News

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