LG rolls out Bluetooth stereo HD voice headset

LG Electronics has announced the LG Tone+ (HBS-730) stereo headset.  The successor to the LG TONE (HBS-700) supports VoLTE (Voice over LTE) calls.

The LG Tone+ includes an extended bass register and incorporates the aptX audio codec to provide “CD-quality” sound.  Via Bluetooth Multi-connection, the LG Tone+ can be “instantly” connected to two smart phones or other Bluetooth multimedia devices. An Android BT Reader app monitors incoming SMS text messages and reads them out to the headset. There’s also a vibrating call alert, plus audible battery status and audible pairing assistance features included.

Talk time on the LG Tone+ is around 15 hours, with standby time to 500 hours.  The new headset will be available in Korea, the United States and

The talk and standby times of the LG TONE+™ have been extended to 15 and 500 hours, respectively. Its sleek, behind-the-neck design ensures user comfort and fashion credentials at the same time. The LG TONE+™ will be available in South Korea, the United States and China by the end of the month in blue-black and white-pearl options.

Adding HD voice support to LG devices should be no big surprise. LG U+, the conglomerate’s mobile carrier in South Korea, introduced VoLTE in August.

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