Metaswitch details HD voice support, mobile voice quality enhancements

Orlando, Florida, Metaswitch Forum 2012 — Company executives detailed Metaswitch’s product enhancements for HD voice support and mobile voice quality. There’s strong support for SILK and transcoding among the news, plus enhancements

Paul Brittain, VP, VoIP & Multimedia products, said the company was adding support for SILK and AMR-WB in the HD realm, as well as AMR, EVRC, and IBLC narrowband codecs.  There will be a common codec set supported across all Metaswitch products.

Transcoding between codecs will be a software-only function included with the Perimeta Session Border Controller (SBC), enabling customers to conduct dynamic transcoding between two clients.

The Accession Communicator mobile client for Android and iOS now includes SILK support and forward error correction (FEC) to provide robust voice even over sketchy WiFi network.  A slide showed the enhanced client providing better POLQA quality service calls over other OTT (over-the-top) clients.

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