CEVA and NXP Partner for HD voice solution on DSP

CEVA and NXP Software have teamed up to integrate NXP Software’s LifeVibes VoiceExperience software with the CEVA-TeakLite family of DSPs.  The fully optimized solution running on the CEVA-TeakLite-III DSP is already deployed “with a major handset OEM” for its smartphone product lines.

The CEVA-specific implementations of NXP Software VoiceExperience enable CEVA customers to easily add voice processing technology into their existing designs, with licensees of the TeakLite-III and TeakLite-4 DSPs able to leverage native 32-bit processing to deliver better voice clarity and extended battery life.

VoiceExperience improves the intelligibility of speech, eliminates echo and distortion, and minimizes stationary and non-stationary background noise (such as traffic or crowds.  The software uses the same engine for voice calls, video telephony and VoIP, and is HD Voice compatible.

The CEVA-TeakLite DSP family has more than 2.5 billion chips shipped, over 100 licensees, 25 active echo system partners and more than 100 audio and video codec and enhancement applications available.

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