Cloud Communications Alliance moves forward on IP exchange network

The Cloud Communications Alliance is currently looking over three hardware solutions to provide SIP interconnectivity between its members. Co-founder Dean Parker said a decision is expected shortly to pick one vendor and start building several exchange points.

Parker said the exchange will have three main exchange points, with Dallas, Atlanta, New York, Los Angeles and Chicago under consideration.  Members will hook up to one or more exchange points to move SIP traffic among the membership on a best-effort basis, with voice calls falling back to the PSTN if a SIP connection is unavailable; eNum is not a part of the architecture at this time.

Founded in 2010, the alliance currently has 13 service provider members representing around $300 million in annual revenues and over 250,000 seats.  Moving forward in an “open source” manner, the organization has recruited a couple of non-Broadsoft companies and added “10 to 12” vendor members.

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