Invoxia, Line2 adding new HD voice codecs

Desktop hardware manufacturer Invoxia and over-the-top service provider Line2 are currently testing new HD voice codecs for their respective products.

Via an email exchange, Invoxia says it is currently testing AMR-WB in its lab and the de facto mobile standard will be supported “in the next firmware upgrade” in two or three weeks.   The Invoxia NVX610 is a SIP phone with an iPhone dock that provides tight integration with iOS; its big feature is the inclusion of eight (8) microphones and 8 broadband speakers to provide a desktop conferencing experience typically found In Polycom’s products.

Not confirmed yet, sources say Line2 is in the process of incorporating the newly finalized Opus codec “within a month or so” to its service and soft client.  Opus became a finalized IETF standard last month and will likely pop up in a lot of softclients and hardware in the coming months since it supports a full range of network and audio bandwidth conditions, is open source and royalty free.

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