IntegrIT wideband acoustic cancellation tech now on Tensilica DSP

Tensilica ( has incorporated IntegrIT’s AEC WB (acoustic echo cancellation, wideband) technology into its HiFi Audio/Video DSP. 

The IntegrIT AEC WB codec provides “off-the-shelf” speech enhancement to provide HD voice to mobile platforms, providing echo cancellation even in loud environments with poor speakers and microphones.  The company’s offering includes a simple integration API, is robust and does not require any tuning and has multiple acoustic profiles.  AEC WB has several configuration settings for fine-grain tuning and can be combine with adaptive beam forming software to support up to four microphones.

Tensilicia’s HIFi Audio/Video DSPs are licensed by over 50 customers, including many of the top 10 semiconductor manufacturers and leading system OEMs. The HiFi Audio/Video DSPs support over 100 audio/voice codecs and sound enhancement software programs.

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