Orange announces 4 million HD voice customers, interop between Moldova and Romania

Orange (France Telecom) has mobile HD voice calls moving seamlessly between Moldova and Romania, the first official announcement of interop between two mobile networks.   This announcement hits an HD voice interoperability goal the carrier announced back in 2011.  Further in the release, the company notes it how has “almost” 4 million HD voice customers in 14 countries with future launches scheduled in Africa and the Middle East

Seamless interconnection of HD voice calls is the next big step for the technology to be seamless. Orange says this is the first time two mobile networks with different infrastructure have been connected to ensure end-to-end HD voice call quality from one country to another. 

Orange said the success of mobile HD voice in these adjacent countries, alongside their linguistic and cultural proximity, is at the root of Orange Romania and Orange Moldova’s decision to interconnect.

No indications were given on how fast connections between other Orange networks will occur, but seamless interoperability between Orange networks is on the country’s roadmap.  There’s also the question as to when Orange will be able to move HD calls between other carriers, an event mapped out to occur by 2013 according to a June 2011 press release.   Given that Orange and Deutsche Telecom operate a single network in the UK and have said they are going to share networks in the future, the two carriers are likely forming the basis of larger exchange plans with other carriers around the globe.

Today’s press release also noted that Orange has almost 4 million customers using HD voice as compared to 1 million customers a year ago (June 2011 numbers).   Already offering HD voice in 14 countries, Orange said further launches in Africa and the Middle East are scheduled by the end of 2012.

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