BT launches second IPX exchange hub in Singapore, says there’s revenue in HD voice

BT Global Services has opened up a second  IP Exchange (IPX) hub in Singapore, reports ZD Net.  BT execs say IPX will lead to new revenues and the ability to stay competitive against over-the-top (OTT) providers, with HD voice providing revenue opportunities.

Once again, BT is talking up its transcoding solution available through its Global IP Exchange (GIPx) service.  One BT exec said HD voice calls last 5 percent longer than other calls and lead to 45 percent longer OTT calls and up to 10 percent longer calls on fixed line networks, leading to a revenue uplift of about 5 to 10 percent and allowing telcos to add sticker products.

More significantly, BT believes at least one quarter of international calls will be done in HD in three (3) years time.

BT is putting the new GIPx hub in Singapore to address the need for IP interoperability in the Asia-Pacific region.  A local hub gives BT efficiency gains and reduces latency for customers in the region. Similar GIPx nodes will be set up in Miami, the Middle East and Asia by the end of next year.

BT says GIPx currently serves 290 operators globally with 45 in the Asia Pacific region. No statistics given in the interview on how many of those operators are moving HD voice or LTE.

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