Latest GSA report: Mobile HD voice on 51 networks, 38 countries, 127 phones

A pair of reports from the Global mobile Suppliers Association (GSA, this week underline the growth of HD voice on mobile networks.  You can now find AMR-WB on 51 mobile phone networks in 38 countries, with 127 “announced” HD voice phones from 14 manufacturers.

HD voice is getting customers to make more or longer calls, according to tidbits unearthed by GSA.  Orange Romania says that 10 times the number of HD voice calls were made in Q3 2012 as compared to Q3 2011 with 85 percent of users “observed notable differences”  between an HD voice and a stock narrowband call.

New carriers added since the last report are MTS in Russia, Telus (Canada), TMN (Portugal) and Smart in the Philippines.

GSA has, for the first time, printed a separate document listing the 127 “announced” HD voice phones using AMR-WB.  One might quibble with throwing in the Glensound gear for broadcasters, but it is interesting the RIM Blackberry Torch 9810 is listing among the 127 handsets.

GSA requires free registration to access its information on HD voice, but it is worth the effort for more detail.

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