Third provider in France turns up mobile HD voice, adding wireline in 2013

Thanks to Quentin PAGÈS for the tip

Bouygues Telecom is rolling out HD voice service on its 3G/3G+ (HSPA) network, joining Orange and SFR in France.  The carrier plans to add support for wireline services in 2013.

Information is minimal, with a pair of smaller web sites reporting the news and no officially announcement from Bouygues.

BBox Forum is a website for users of Bouygues’ Internet service. According to the above-referenced post, mobile HD voice will be offered at standard terms – no additional cost to the subscriber, HD voice calls are on-net and a handset supporting AMR-WB phone is necessary; the iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S III and Samsung Galaxy Note II are listed.

In 2013, HD voice service is expected to be extend to landlines, followed by connectivity “among all operators” – presumably France Telecom and SFR.

Bouygues is the third mobile operator out of four in France to introduce HD voice.  IPX (IP Exchange) and/or SIP peering between mobile operators is starting to become a much more pressing issue as customers will start to demand seamless HD voice calls no matter who they call.

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