Qatar Qtel offering HD voice on 3G network

Qtel, the phone company of Qatar, is now offering HD voice service on its 3G network. Phones supported include the Apple iPhone 5 and the “latest” Sony Xperia phones.

In a press release issued yesterday, Qtel said it launched HD voice service in June 2012 and now “after a period of network stabilisation<sic> and greater availability of suitable mobile handsets” the service is now available for both Hala and Shahry customers using smartphones on the 3G network for voice calling.

There is no additional charge for using HD voice service, calls are charged at normal rates, and both caller and recipient need to be using HD voice capable devices on Qtel’s 3G network.

Qtel says the service is “especially popular” for customers using new smart phones such as the iPhone 5 and the Sony Xperia T. Users can turn to the section on the carriers website ( to learn more about supported devices and benefits.

In September Qtel launched a large 4G trial in Doha that has around 1,000 customers.

Qutar joins Dubai carrier du, Orange Jordan,  Mobinil (Egypt) and Go Terhal (Saudi Arabia) in offering HD voice service in the Middle East.

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