Sorting through IntelePeer’s and BroadSoft’s HD voice interop “support”

IntelePeer made two HD voice interconnection announcements in October, but trying to parse through the marketing speak has proved to be painful.  The company can route G.722 calls via its CoreCloud product and has a federation-style offering for BroadSoft customers under the name of Fluent.  

With CoreCloud, IntelePeer supports G.722 via SIP trunking.  Calls are routed as best effort G.722, with calls defaulting down to G.711 and/or the PSTN.  The CoreCloud Unified Communications (UC) Bundles for SIP trunking services were announced on October 16, incorporating the ambiguous “HD audio” phrase – just like Verizon – to describe the call quality supported.

A second announcement with BroadSoft came at a week later at BroadSoft’s user conference.  BroadSoft’s Xtended Connect global peering program – something suggested to Metaswitch in the past, if memory serves – would enable SIP exchange between BroadSoft service provider customers for HD voice and video calling.   The program uses IntelePeer’s Fluent federation to enable service providers to exchange SIP.

In the case of Xtended Connect, service providers would pay for Fluent federation for SIP exchange, with BroadWorks to BroadWorks calls being “Free,” according to a BroadSoft representative.  The confusion comes as BroadSoft tries to position itself as offering a “service” while IntelePeer is the actual provider collecting checks for facilitating connections.

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