Editorial: CES and the difference 8 hours makes

Las Vegas, Nevada, Gate D50 laptop charging stations – Earlier today, I was making the show floor rounds at CES 2013 (OK, International CES 2013, but really CEA, you’re on my bad list just below the T-Mobile PR people at this point).  At 3 to 4 meetings, I said that there was a “25 percent chance” T-Mobile USA would introduce HD voice service on its network in the first half of this year, based on the DSL Reports blog posting saying that the company was rolling out AMR-WB support on its network.

“T-Mobile [USA] has nothing to lose, they’ve got the network,” I said. (If you CES meeting people out there can forget the part where I tagged this to an Apple iPhone 5 rollout, it’d make me look better….)

This leaves AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint now in line to roll out HD voice services.  As noted in an earlier post, AT&T could roll out HD voice relatively quickly on its HSPA network, but AT&T people start b***ing about “spectrum costs” – which is amusing, considering how easily mobile carriers are happy to encourage much higher bandwidth streaming services to rack up data cap chargers.

Anyone, hopefully the many cards I handed out over the past four days will end up bearing some fruit.   There are a lot of hardware people introduced in HD voice out here in Vegas, ranging from relatively newcomers like Bosch to stalwarts like Fraunhofer.  

I have a different discussion to type up later about the frustration among broadband HD voice vendors, but hopefully they’ll see some “uplift” after T-Mobile’s move today.

— Doug Mohney, Editor-in-Chief, HD Voice News

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