DSP Group claims customer win with Turkcell SuperOnLine & Huawei

DSP Group’s CAT-iq chipset can be found in Turkcell SuperOnLine’s latest service offering in Turkey.  The Huawei HG253 Fiber home gateway and Swissvoice IH250 handset combine in the offering both use DSP Group silicon.

HD voice and VoIP services provided by the Huawei HG253 home fiber gateway, including CAT-iq 2.0, use DSP Group’s XceedR family of chipsets. Swissvoice’s IH250 handset also includes the silicon.

A corporate official for DSP Group says Huawei and Swissvoice are “long-term partners” of DSP Group and have “worked closely together” to deliver HD voice and support CAT-iq 2.0.

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