Editorial–A little mobile HD voice misleading in South Africa

There’s been angst in the South African trade press regarding the lack of mobile HD voice service.   So I’m annoyed about playing semantics for  cheap PR.

Contrary to popular belief – HD voice services are here (and sounding great)” issued by DUO Marketing + Communications for  client Vox Telecom makes this biiiiig stretch that all is good because Vox supports HD voice over a broadband wireline connection, the Vox Suprafone.

“All that’s needed to support the service is an ADSL line Internet account, and a modem/router,” says the product manager. Why, you don’t even need a PC to make calls!

The ongoing discussion within the South African media has been about mobile HD voice service on a cellular network.  Not what you can plug into a broadband connection…

It’s almost as annoying as the “HD sound” vs  “HD voice” ambiguities that continue to pollute a discussion on wideband telephony.

– Doug Mohney

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