Telenor “launches” HD voice in Norway

Telenor is delivering HD voice in Norway, reports Teknisk Ukeblad

At the end of last week, Telenor opened up the first test of HD voice in Trondelag and the northern part of Norway on its 3G HSPA+ network.  An official launch across the entire network may happen tomorrow, March 19, according to a Telenor manager.

The translated piece goes on to say both Telenor and Netcom have had plans to implement HD voice, but Telenor chose to wait while it finished its network upgrade.  Telenor’s LTE launch further delayed HD voice service until now.

Telenor says about 37 percent of existing customer phones (translation isn’t clear) support AMR-WB, including most smart phones “of recent date.” Many Samsung phones will require a software upgrade to switch to AMR-WB.

A Netcom spokesperson said the company has run tests with HD voice and has had ongoing discussions as to when to launch.  All software is “in place” but the network needs “work.”

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