Vodafone Germany starts HD voice rollout

Vodafone Germany has started rolling out HD voice on its UTMS network, according to a report by Areamobile. 

The carrier says is in the process of upgrading its base stations and should have the all of its work completed by the end of the summer. Vodafone had previously run trials in two northern regions of Germany.

Vodafone is a little late in deploying the service in its home territory.  Deutsche Telekom has offered HD voice in Germany since November 2011. Last year, a France Telecom executive criticized the carrier for not moving fast enough in rolling out HD voice among its subsidiaries. 

Other Vodafone HD voice deployments include Turkey (May 2011) and Ireland (April 2012).  Testing had been announced in Portugal in October 2012 with plans to deploy the service “by the end of the calendar year,” but no official announcement has been made.

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