Two years of HD voice: Orange Romania offers discount on phones

In celebration of two years of HD voice service, Orange Romania is offering a10 euro discount on phones supporting HD voice, reports Comunic.

The discount is applicable for both new subscribers and existing customers signing up for a new contract.

An Orange Romania official said the company has about “50%” of HD voice compatible handsets (assuming deployed from the Google Translate).  The number of HD voice calls on the company’s network is 7 times higher in April than the same period last year, reaching a total in the two years of more than 70 million HD voice calls.  Rate of adoption for HD voice compatible phones rose three times the rate than the same period last year.

In addition, the official noted the first HD voice interconnect between the countries of Romania and Moldova in October 2012.

Readers may wish to compare Orange’s success with HD voice to current HD voice activity in the U.S.

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