CTIA 2013: Spirent launches Nomad HD for VoLTE, HD voice

Las Vegas, NV – Spirent has launched Nomad HD, a call and voice quality measurement system. The new system provides voice quality analysis for HD voice and VoLTE services “on any device, across any network,” according to the press release.

Nomad HD incorporates Perceptual Objective Listening Quality Assessment (POLQA), the next generation voice testing algorithm to replace MOS scores. Carriers can measure and compare between legacy circuit-switched and packet-switched voice on their network.  Nomad HD can simultaneously measure VoLTE voice quality, delay, and call performance “objectively, under real-world conditions” in both lab and field environments.

The system offers globally accessible service end points in the cloud; supports all mobile devices, regardless of operating system or radio access technology; and is deployable in both lab and field test configurations. Two operational modes allow carriers to address narrowband and “superwideband” communication in a single box.

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