Dual microphone devices appear at Computex 2013, maybe at Apple conf next week.

Intel wants more microphones in devices, good news for implementing HD voice as well as other voice-enabled functions, while Acer demoed what such devices might look like.

The dominant PC chip manufacturer is “requiring” two mics on forthcoming Haswell Ultrabooks to enable voice recognition in noisy environments, reports ZD Net.  Products incorporating Intel’s new chips should be appearing this fall.

Acer’s Aspire S7-392 includes the Intel-mandated “dual-array” microphones using Acer’s proprietary PurifiedVoice technology, says Tech2, and will be available in Q3 2013.

Intel also demonstrated the Creative Senz3D peripheral camera, a motion tracking device with two camera lenses and two microphones.  The webcam won’t be available to consumers until later this year, but has been shipping with Intel’s Creative Interactive Gesture Developer Kit  since September 2012, saith Laptop.

A refresh of Apple’s MacBook Air expected to be unveiled at WWDC 2013 may contain dual microphones along the same lines as the high-end MacBook Pro with Retina display, according to speculation among fruit followers.

Use of two or more microphones has been going on for a while in high-end smartphones, using the multiple inputs to isolate voice from background noise.  Laptop and tablets are acquiring dual microphones to aid in tasks like dictation and in other speech enabled tasks.

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