GSA’s latest tally: 73 mobile networks with HD voice

A June 4, 2013 Global mobile Suppliers Association (GSA, report puts the latest tally for commercial mobile HD voice networks at 73.  Another 23 operators/networks are trialing HD voice, with the majority of those listed as forthcoming Voice over LTE (VoLTE) deployments.  However, carriers aren’t really doing a good job talking about how much HD traffic is out there.

More specifically, 54 countries now have HD voice. Additions since the last report in January include Finland, Kenya, Taiwan, Malawi, Rwanda, Singapore, Norway, Saudi Arabia (2 carriers) and Slovakia.

If there are weakness in the regular reports, they go to statistics.  Only Orange and Telstra have provided statistics to GSA on the numbers of subscribers and calls made in HD voice, and the numbers cited are from 2012 (Orange 4 million subs, up from 1 million on all of its networks in 2011; Telstra, 5 percent of all calls on its network are HD voice).

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