Vodafone adding HD voice to Australia

Vodafone Oz is adding HD voice, according to Lifehacker downunder.  The report is supported by a June 14 report by Ausdroid, saying trials were taking place.

The service is being offered on 2G and 3G networks, says the report, with a “short list” of phones being supported: Apple iPhone 5, the Samsung Galaxy S II, III or 4, and the Sony Experia Z and SP.

Lifehacker notes that both parties (currently) have to be on the same network to make an HD voice call, since there are not (currently) agreements in place to exchange calls between carriers either in-country or internationally.

(HD Voice News uses “currently” because Lifehacker erroneously says “the technology doesn’t” support exchanging HD voice. It’s not a matter of TECHNOLOGY, it’s a matter of carriers enabling exchange points and agreements to swap HD voice calls transparently.  Carriers know they have to work out call exchange and some are, but it hasn’t been widely discussed.)

Australia now has two mobile carriers offering HD voice. Telstra launched HD voice on its 3G network just about two years ago today, in 2011.

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