iBasis announces IPX deals with Chunghwa Telecom, TeliaSonera

KPN subsidiary iBase has announced a pair of IPX deals with Chunghwa Telecom of Taiwan and TeliaSonera, the dominant carrier of Sweden and Finland.  The former deal features HD voice while the latter one emphasizes a larger LTE roaming network.

Chunghwa Telecom(CLP) is the leading telecom carrier in Taiwan. HD voice will be the first IPX-based service Chunghwa will launch, according to the iBasis press release. Transcoding between wideband codecs, as well as wideband and narrowband codecs, will be supported.   CLP launched HD voice on its 3G network in February 2013.

LTE will be launched in Taiwan in 2014, with the two companies supporting Voice over LTE (VoLTE) over IPX

TeliaSonera’s LTE Roaming peering agreement with iBasis will ensure interoperability and a constant user experience for roaming LTE subscribers.  The two are interconnecting Diameter signaling and data hubs to enable LTE roaming, as well as migrate all legacy services to the IPX interconnect.

In February 2013, TeliaSonera introduced LTE roaming. Its IPX network with 200+ POPs was launched in May 2013. The company turned HD voice on its Chess subsidiary in Norway last month.

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