Invoxia launches updated Audioffice with support for Android, latest Apple connector

The latest version of the invoxia Audioffice phone dock/conference device is now available.  It features a new universal connector for connecting iPhone 4 and 5 devices, as well as Android devices.

Audioffice has six speakers and four microphones, using a Cortex A8 processor for audio tasks. It features the company’s “inVivo Acoustic” technology to deliver a spatial audio experience.  An app and connector provide a link between a phone or table and the Audiooffice.

The updated version has a new passive radiator to increase performance of bass sounds during conference calls and for music playback.  Connections can be made via the universal connector for Apple devices or micro-USB port.  Support for Bluetooth is also provided along with three cables – a 30 point USB cable, a “Lightning” cable for newer Apple iOS devices, and a micro USB cable.

List price on the new Audioffice is $299 U.S. or 299 Euros including VAT. 

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