Vodafone adds HD voice in Germany

Vodafone has switched on HD voice on its entire UMTS network in Germany, according to a report in AreaMobile.

Confirmation comes from a Vodafone spokesperson, with the service available since July 1 and now running “stable” today.

Vodafone lists 46 HD voice-enabled devices, including the Apple iPhone 5;Blackberry Q10 and Z10; several models of HTC, Huawei, LG phones; the Motorola RAZR; nearly ever Nokia phone known to man, including the Lumina series; and various Samsung and Sony models. The new HTC one and HTC one Mini are HD voice capable, but require software upgrades.

In April, AreaMobile reported HD voice would be a part of Vodafone’s upgrade on its UMTS network.

Germany has two carriers offering HD voice service. Deutsche Telekom has offered HD voice since November 2011.

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