Spirent integrates VoLTE HD voice testing among products

Spirent Communications (www.spirent.com) has integrated its field-based Nomad HD testing solution with its CS8 Mobile Device Tester and 8100 Mobile Device Test System to assess VoLTE call performance and voice quality in the lab.  The move provides a common measurement solution for both VoLTE live networks and lab work.

Carriers can now use use the same voice quality measurements systems in both environments – live networks and lab – to ensure subscriber satisfaction with VoLTE services. The integrated test solution is backed by “years” of voice quality measurement in live networks from Metrico, a company acquired by Spirent last year.

The latest Spirent solution presents a unique, single-platform approach to measuring VoLTE and HD Voice quality (including latency and jitter), call setup time, call initiation rates, and call drop rates, according to the press release. The CS8 Mobile Device Tester and the 8011 Mobile Device Test Solution provide solutions for testing mobile devices under lab conditions.  After deployment, they can be used to troubleshoot field issues using identical measurement systems and KPIs in lab and in live networks.

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