Telenor Serbia rolls out HD voice; parent promotion follows

Telenor has rolled out HD voice in its Serbia subsidiary.  Telenor Srbija  now provides HD voice across both GSM and 3G networks free of charge in its “Smart Network.”

The announcement came in a September 16 press release on Telenor’s website. Phones listed in Telenor’s portfolio supporting HD voice include the HTC Desire X, HTC One, Nokia Lumia 920, 820, 620, Nokia Pure View 808 and Sony Xperia E. As is typical, both callers need to be “on net” at this time.

“HD Voice service is another in the series of continuous improvements within Smart Network. We have constantly been engaged in activities aiming to increase capacity and signal coverage, as well as introduction of new capabilities improving user experience. With HD Voice service, subscribers can experience crystal clear and distinct sound during conversations and thus enjoy great potential of smart devices and mobile communication enabled by Smart Network wherever they are,” Telenor Chief Technical Officer Ingeborg Ofsthus said.

Parent Telenor discussed HD voice in detail on its website. “HD Voice – a revolution in voice communication” cites rollouts in Montenegro and Norway, with a senior Telenor official conducting a demonstration in a video clip at the end of the piece. The piece fails to mention the HD rollout by its dtac subsidiary in Thailand last year (November 2012), while Norway turned up HD voice in March 2013 and in Montenegro in June 2013.

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