TDC gets int’l voice, termination, future HD voice peering from iBasis

TDC, the leading telecommunications company in Denmark, has renewed an outsourcing agreement with iBasis, with an “explore” clause for mobile services including HD voice.

Terms of the three year agreement make iBasis the primary provider of international voice services and preferred provider for terminating voice services with the Nordic countries for TDC.   In addition, an iBasis press release says the companies will “explore new service innovations in mobile data and LTE.”

“We have enjoyed a very strong and mutually beneficial relationship with TDC, and we look forward to further collaboration on a multi-service level, encompassing mobile messaging, signaling, HD voice and LTE Roaming,” said Willem Offerhaus, president and CEO of iBasis.

TDC turned on HD voice in Denmark in September 2011.  IBasis has an IPX deal in place with Telesonera, the dominant carrier of Sweden and Finland, a link into the Dutch IPX exchange run by KPN Wholesale, and several other announced IPX deals.

The open question at this point is how soon will HD voice exchange services get turned up. Judging by the wording of the release, it isn’t on a fast track.

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