Doro, MTS Belarus get HD voice

Swedish-based Doro and MTS(?) announced HD voice moves this week.   This is Doro’s first HD voice announcement while MTS added Belarus to its list of Russian-speaking countries.

Doro is a handset manufacturer targeting senior citizens.  Two 3G clamshell feature phones—the Doro PhoneEasy 621 and PhoneEasy 622  — now support HD voice in all modes of operation. The company expects to roll out HD voice to more feature and smart phones in the months to come.

HD voice trials by MTS Belarus were announced in September of this year.  This week’s announcement marks the latest “fill in” of coverage for Eastern Europe, leaving  Sweden and Estonia as the final “hold outs.”  Some reports earlier this year implied Sweden would get HD voice through a VoLTE rollout, but it hasn’t happened yet.

MTS is the largest mobile operator in Russia and has licenses to operate in a number of bordering countries. It launched HD voice in its home territory in September 2012.

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