Limited briefing time available at International CES 2014

Editor-in-Chief Doug Mohney will once again be submitting himself to the pain that is CES (More formally, International CES 2014) in Las Vegas.

Mohney will be available for meetings at the following desktop press events–

Sunday, January 5: CES Unveiled (Mandalay Bay) and Startup Debut

Monday, January 6: Digital Experience (PEPCOM)

Tuesday, January 7: ShowStoppers.

Of the events listed above, I have had nothing but good experiences with ShowStoppers. The Leons have always been cordial and I’ve never had to stand in line for 50 minutes waiting for a badge to get into a pre-registered press event.

In addition, Mohney will be available for limited press briefing time on January 7 and 8. His schedule roughly runs–

January 7 morning – LVH suites

January 7 afternoon – LVCC North & Central Halls

January 8 morning – LVCC South Halls

January 8 afternoon – Venetian suites & Sands exhibit area

Priority will be given to companies that have previously briefed with HD Voice News, followed by anyone with “breaking news” announcements in association with voice quality and/or HD voice.

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