Editorial–Apologies for the silence

I’ve been up to my neck in dealing with the fallout from CES – just because I couldn’t get a flight into town didn’t stop an onslaught of mail and follow-up calls.

In addition, I’ve been working with TMCnet to get the SmartVoice conference spun up next week at IT EXPO East in Miami.  The Tuesday, January 28 event has sessions on call recording, voice biometrics, voice analytics, voice quality (HD voice and more), and HyperVoice. 

If you are in Miami for IT EXPO, I strongly encourage you to sit on on the SmartVoice sessions.  Martin Geddes will be giving the keynote kickoff address, “From Dumb Calling to Smart Voice” at 10 AM ET. 

HD voice is an enabling technology for SmartVoice services. Everyone from Digium to Level 3 has a hosted/cloud voice offering these days, so the next act will be adding value for the end user and ARPU (average revenue per use) for the service provider.

You’ll be hearing more about SmartVoice (or Smarter Voice or Smarter Calling or whatever falls to mind out of the marketing cloud after everybody’s chewed on it) in the months to come.  Traditional “dumb” voice is a commodity.  Service providers are going to have to step up to add value just to keep ahead of the pack.

I’m hoping I’m going to catch up with folks at IT EXPO and some of the other industry events in the spring.  No, I won’t be in Barcelona for Mobile World Congress (Unless I hit the lottery), but there are other opportunities on the calendar I am considering at this point.

– Doug

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