TIA issues new call for HD voice specs on voice gateways

Last week, the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) engineering committee on analog and digital wireline terminals issued a call for interest for document ANSI/TIA-912-C, “Telecommunications – IP Telephony Equipment – Voice Gateway Transmission Requirements.”

The standard covers transmission requirements, with the revision adding requirements support for wideband analog phones (between 100 to 7,000 Hz) that may be connected to voice gateways for providing HD voice services via VoIP.

TIA says stakeholders may include manufacturers of enterprise and residential gateways, Integrated Access Devices (IADs) and Multimedia Terminal Adapters (MTAs); traditional public and private network service providers, packet-based network service providers, and ADSL and cable VoIP service providers.

The last stakeholder listed is amusing, since the cable industry has been gearing up to support HD voice for the past three to four years with more recent cable CPE gear more than capable of supporting wideband analog phones for at least the past year.

More information can be found at tiaonline.org. 

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