Editorial : Enough is enough, U.S. carriers. Support HD Voice News

I’ve been covering the HD voice ecosystem since 2009.  If you don’t believe me, there’s a set of reports over at TMC from 2011 to 2013 documenting all the things I’ve witnessed. Or simply Google “HD Voice News” and see what pops up.

Over the past five years, I’ve had the pleasure and honor of receiving briefings and email from France Telecom, Ericsson, Qualcomm, D2 Technologies, Qualcomm, and numerous players in the space.  To be fair, I’ve also had some good discussions with Verizon’s subject matter expert on HD voice on the enterprise side.

Unlike the majority of media stories on HD voice, I’ve tried to offer critical coverage of the fits and starts of implementing higher quality voice on U.S. mobile networks, rather than simply regurgitating the latest press releases or parroting what’s been spoon feed to a publication because I’ve been slipped a couple of bucks for advertising. 

(Ooma, we’ve had our issues.  But I respect the way you guys got your act together).

About the only U.S. wireless carrier that wants to talk about HD voice to HD Voice News these days seems to be T-Mobile U.S.   John Legere (or whomever is running his Twitter account) has favored or re-sent a couple of my tweets.

To be fair, those tweets have been critical of Sprint and its sudden renaissance of HD voice.  And Sprint didn’t invite me, so I’m being a little whiny, but after 5 years of covering the space, I’m entitled.

If you bought an HTC EVO 4G LTE phone supporting HD voice almost 2 years ago (Friday, May 18), Sprint is now just getting around to turn up the service nationwide.   Sooo… the phone is beat up and obsolete by now or will be by July because there’s dog years and there’s handset years and handset years are pretty brutal as we all know.

My open message to my new Twitter bestie @JohnLegere and @TMobile  – I’m more than happy to be your HD voice subject matter expert. Don’t expect me to kiss your feet, but you should get a fair hearing since you guys rolled out HD voice at CES 2013 (without inviting me *cough*cough*).

There are questions that need to be addressed by all U.S. carriers moving forward.  Seamless HD voice calling between carrier networks is the biggest one that I’d love to hear everyone talk about.  An honest answer why AT&T and Verizon both delayed VoLTE rollouts would be nice.

I’m here, www.hdvoicenews.comMoo@vegascommando.com.

– Doug Mohney

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