Editorial: AT&T officially announced HD voice support via VoLTE

I’m currently working through a couple of pieces for publication over at TMCnet on the official (press release, not rumored, not CTO-dropping buzzwords and vague dates) AT&T announcement for HD voice support in limited markets.

Consumers Digest is working on an HD voice piece.  I feel sorry for the reporter, because he asked about interoperability and I had to send him over a page of answers and discussions.

Summary bits–

1) AT&T is releasing VoLTE in four “select” markets: Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota and Wisconsin.

2) Expansion will continue on a market-by-market basis

3) Only phone supported/mentioned for VoLTE at this time is Samsung Galaxy S4 mini.  No word/indication on firmware upgrades for existing LTE phones in customer’s hands.  Doubtlessly there will be more phones.

4) Nothing on supporting HD voice over existing 3G/HSPA network – no surprise, since AT&T wants everyone migrated onto LTE in the future

5) No discussion on interop

The Mass Media seems to be missing the boat on carrier HD voice interoperability and the coming mess for consumer confusion. Ah well.

– Doug

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