Editorial: HD Voice News updates and future plans for 2015 are coming


Due to a variety of things going on, I haven’t had time to update HD Voice News. 

I apologize for that.  But readers should keep in mind that advertising support for this web site over the past two years has been… zero.

So when it is a choice between paying the bills […]

Editorial: Snapshots of HD voice progress this month at TMCnet


I have  pair of articles on TMC discussing the latest progress of HD voice in the United States and around the globe.

For the U.S.–


HD voice has finally arrived on all four major U.S. wireless carriers. However, users should be aware of the different issues and potential problems with some carriers. 


Editorial: An update


HD Voice News has been on a hiatus of sorts over the past 60 to 90 days due to a variety of factors. 

Editor-in-Chief Doug Mohney will be at CTIA (I know they call it something else these days, but it is CTIA and in Vegas next month).  We expect to resume more […]

Editorial: AT&T officially announced HD voice support via VoLTE


I’m currently working through a couple of pieces for publication over at TMCnet on the official (press release, not rumored, not CTO-dropping buzzwords and vague dates) AT&T announcement for HD voice support in limited markets.

Consumers Digest is working on an HD voice piece.  I feel sorry for the reporter, because he asked about […]

Editorial–Apologies for the silence


I’ve been up to my neck in dealing with the fallout from CES – just because I couldn’t get a flight into town didn’t stop an onslaught of mail and follow-up calls.

In addition, I’ve been working with TMCnet to get the SmartVoice conference spun up next week at IT EXPO East in […]

Editorial: From HD voice to Smart Calling


Since this venture fired up back in 2009, the world has (slowly, painfully) started to move away from narrowband and into better voice quality.

It will take (painfully, still) longer before the mobile world has adopted HD voice as its de facto standard, with delays to Voice over LTE (VoLTE) continuing to pop […]

Editorial–A little mobile HD voice misleading in South Africa


There’s been angst in the South African trade press regarding the lack of mobile HD voice service.   So I’m annoyed about playing semantics for  cheap PR.

“Contrary to popular belief – HD voice services are here (and sounding great)” issued by DUO Marketing + Communications for  client Vox Telecom makes this biiiiig stretch that […]

Editorial: 2013 HD Voice News annual report now (really, truly) in progress


The 2013 HD Voice News third annual report is now being created.

Companies that want to contribute and/or update information may email the editor at dmohney@hdvoicenews.com

Current deadline for accepting information is March 1.  The report should “close” on that day for final editing with a targeted mid-March release date.

Editorial: The problem with CES…


I will be spending the next few days playing catchup from CES.  The problem with such a large go=go-go show is being caught out of contact with other news sources and not having enough time or energy at the end of the day to go see what everyone else has been doing.

(P.S. I’d […]

Editorial: CES and the difference 8 hours makes


Las Vegas, Nevada, Gate D50 laptop charging stations – Earlier today, I was making the show floor rounds at CES 2013 (OK, International CES 2013, but really CEA, you’re on my bad list just below the T-Mobile PR people at this point).  At 3 to 4 meetings, I said that there was a “25 […]