2013–The HD Voice Happy New Year (maybe)


If the stats from this web site don’t lie, HD Voice should be on the upswing. 

The year 2012 saw nearly 7,945 returning visitors – up from 5,325 in 2011 and 4,814 in 2010; a conversion to percentage growth is left to the math heads reading this note.

Looking back upon the […]

Editorial: The 2013-2014 Voice Renaissance


Everything old is new again. Voice will will come back into vogue over the the next two years, based upon three distinct trends:  Quality improvements, blended with newer services/apps and worked over as its own unique data type.

There’s a bigger (and in need of a little editing tweak) piece over at TMC […]

TMC video interview with HD Voice News Editor-in-Chief Doug Mohney


TMCNet (www.tmcnet.com) has posted an IT EXPO West 2012 video interview with HD Voice News Editor-in-Chief Doug Mohney discussing HD voice, the iPhone 5 issues, and interconnection. It can be found at–


Editorial: Movement on a CES 2013 session


At this point, it looks like there will be a single hour-long session discussing HD voice and Rich Communications Services (RCS) as part of a larger, day long track. 

The panel session would be late afternoon on January 7, 2013. I’d be the moderator and there would be room for 3-4 panelists.  Discussion […]

Editorial: Thanks, I guess, Apple iPhone 5


This week was the busiest ever for the HD Voice News website. Probably be busy today thanks to the Forbes article written by Elise Ackerman, “Why iPhone 5’s Support For HD Voice Will Mean Nothing To U.S. Users.”

Apple’s (belated) rollout of HD voice support in the iPhone 5 has (finally) kicked of a […]

Editorial: HD voice at CES 2013: Boom or boredom?


I started making plans to attend CES 2013 (The 2013 International Consumer Electronics Show, to be more precise) earlier this week.  The Consumer Electronics Association hasn’t even finalized the day long pre-show tracks, but I wanted to get a jump on the process.  I’m wondering if HD voice will be a boom or end […]

Editorial: PC World hints, confuses HD voice over VoLTE.


A PC World article out this week suggests Voice over LTE (VoLTE) will be able to offer HD voice and “Better Voice Quality.”   I’m going to go out on a limb and offer some clarifications and opinions.

PC World: When will VoLTE start to show up?

The piece says VoLTE won’t appear “commercially” […]

Editorial: Recent HD voice pieces at TMCNet.com


It’s been a busy month of HD voice articles at TMC, including an interview around the making of the 2012 HD Voice Report “Proliferation.”

TMC Group Editorial Director Erik Linask interviewed HD Voice News Editor-in-Chief Doug Mohney about the second annual HD voice report and what went into its assembly and production.

04/27/2012 HD […]

HD Voice News will be at The Cable Show 2012


HD Voice News Editor-in-Chief Doug Mohney will be at The Cable Show 2012 in Boston, on May 21-22.

He expects to be generally available for briefings from around mid-day on Monday, May 21 through the afternoon of May 22.  Given his compressed schedule during the event, he is agreeable to meeting later in the […]

Editorial—If you want to support HD Voice News….


A lot of people appreciate HD Voice News.

If you are one of them, I hope you will consider buying this year’s 2012 report available over at TMCNet. It’s available at http://www.tmcnet.com/voip/ip-communications/HD-Voice-Second-Annual-report1.aspx. 

We’ve priced it this year at $120 for a single user copy.  I’m hoping a lot of companies that balk […]