Rumor: Apple iPhone 6 will support VoLTE


Sources near Silicon Valley say Apple won’t be supporting Voice over LTE (VoLTE) until it releases the iPhone 6 this fall. 

Currently, the Apple iPhone 5/5c/5s supports HD voice on 3G/HSPA-esque networks; this includes nearly all of the overseas HD voice deployments, plus the T-Mobile US network. 

According to Sprint’s website, the […]

D2 Technologies provides NVIDIA with VoLTE software


D2 Technologies announced its IR.92 VoLTE software will be going on the NVIDIA Icera family of LTE modem chipsets for mobile devices.

D2’s software enables carrier-grade voice and SMS-over-LTE capability. The two companies also plan to collaborate on a reference design for RCS, Wi-Fi calling and IR.94 video calls that uses D2’s vPort 4G+ […]

High-end earphones featured in International CES 2013 awards


Not one but two companies will be featured at International CES 2013’s Design and Engineering awards.  Sennheiser and Phiaton have headphones and earphones to make the high-end audiophile happy.

Sennheiser’s IE 800 earphones feature a scratch-resistant ceramic housing, frequency response of 5 to 46,500 Hz, a vented magnet system and a specially developed […]

Latest GSA report: Mobile HD voice on 51 networks, 38 countries, 127 phones


A pair of reports from the Global mobile Suppliers Association (GSA, this week underline the growth of HD voice on mobile networks.  You can now find AMR-WB on 51 mobile phone networks in 38 countries, with 127 “announced” HD voice phones from 14 manufacturers.

HD voice is getting customers to make more or […]

Sony blogs Xperia T is HD voice “certified”


On one of its blogs, Sony reports  its Xperia T mobile phone is HD voice certified.

Why this phone rates attention with all the other HD voice handsets Sony has cranked out over the past 24 months isn’t clear, but the company seems to be building a campaign around HD voice quality as the […]

Audience earSmart voice processor in Huawei handset


Audience may not be in future Apple products, but it is gaining ground in the Android world.  Its latest announced customer win is with the Huawei Ascend D1 Quad XL.

The Audience earSmart eS305 advanced voice processor is being used in the Huawei Ascend D1 Quad XL to remove background noise for “crystal […]

Apple iPhone 5 spurs interest in HD voice


The introduction of the iPhone 5 and its inclusion of “cellular wideband audio” has stimulated an all-time high in page views and unique visits to HD Voice News for the month of September.  Similarly, there’s been a surge of stories published around the world on what networks and carriers currently support HD voice and […]

LG rolls out Bluetooth stereo HD voice headset


LG Electronics has announced the LG Tone+ (HBS-730) stereo headset.  The successor to the LG TONE (HBS-700) supports VoLTE (Voice over LTE) calls.

The LG Tone+ includes an extended bass register and incorporates the aptX audio codec to provide “CD-quality” sound.  Via Bluetooth Multi-connection, the LG Tone+ can be “instantly” connected to two […]

Editorial: Thanks, I guess, Apple iPhone 5


This week was the busiest ever for the HD Voice News website. Probably be busy today thanks to the Forbes article written by Elise Ackerman, “Why iPhone 5’s Support For HD Voice Will Mean Nothing To U.S. Users.”

Apple’s (belated) rollout of HD voice support in the iPhone 5 has (finally) kicked of a […]

Sprint: iPhone 5 doesn’t support HD voice “at this time.”


"Sprint does not support HD voice on the iPhone 5 at this time” is the sole comment coming out of Sprint’s PR representative as of the afternoon of September 13. When asked to clarify exactly what that meant, the spokesperson repeated the phrase exactly, word for word. Is the glass half empty, half full, […]