HD Voice News will be at The Cable Show 2012


HD Voice News Editor-in-Chief Doug Mohney will be at The Cable Show 2012 in Boston, on May 21-22.

He expects to be generally available for briefings from around mid-day on Monday, May 21 through the afternoon of May 22.  Given his compressed schedule during the event, he is agreeable to meeting later in the […]

2012 HD Voice News report now available


The HD Voice News second annual report is now out and available on TMC. 

“HD Voice 2012: Proliferation” is now available at TMCnet.com for the affordable price of $120.  The report is based on three years of accumulated research and dialogue with service providers, network equipment vendors and OEM suppliers.  It documents a […]

Add Multichannel News to the call for HD voice (in the U.S.)


Earlier this week, Multichannel News also chimed in on HD voice.  A blog on the MSO-focused publication calls for “Someone Please Bring HD Voice to The U.S,” joining CIO and Forbes over the past five days.

Leslie Ellis compares HD voice to HDTV and says “Trust me: You Want this. It’s that good.” She […]

Media uptick on HD voice continues


Stories on Forbes and CIO illustrate how HD voice is (finally) starting to make inroades with U.S. media outlets.

A Forbes blog posting suggests the HD voice feature of VoLTE will bring back carrier customers from over-the-top (OTT) services by providing higher quality. It also cites Metaswitch’s view of the world that carriers need […]

Editorial: The 2012 HD Voice News report is coming soon (yes, really).


Yesterday, the HD Voice News 2012 report, “Proliferation,” went over to the copy editor for proofreading.  I am hoping to ship a final copy to TMC at the beginning of next week.

The 2012 report will be aggressively priced and available through TMCNet.  There are a lot of changes and updated information,  including […]

GSA clarifies HD Voice News math, new mobile HD voice service providers


Alan Hadden, President of the Global mobile Suppliers Association (GSA – www.gsacom.com) was nice enough to drop a note to HD Voice News clarifying the math and added services providers between its October 3, 2011 report and the most recent one dated November 21, 2011.

Hadden writes–

The previous GSA report – dated October […]

Catching up with HD voice stories on TMC.net


HD Voice News has contributed the following pieces to TMC (www.tmcnet.com) discussing HD voice technology over the past couple of weeks–

Mobile HD Voice Services Expand Beyond Europe to India, Africa

Mobile, US Service Providers Getting Serious Over HD Voice

Debunking Five Major Myths to HD Voice

Why Cable is Best Bet for Big […]

DEFCON 18 “HD Voice – The Overdue Revolution” presentation materials


The latest (as of noon PT, today) presentation materials for the presentation at DEFCON.

There’s one PPTX download, plus two demo clips in QuickTime that Michael Graves (@mjgraves) of “Graves on SOHO Technology” was kind enough to give me.

The PPTX file is here.

QuickTime Demo clip one


QuickTime Demo clip two



TMC pieces addressing HD Voice in July


In the run up for the DEFCON 18 presentation, “HD Voice – The Overdue Rervolution,”  HD Voice News Editor-in-Chief Doug Mohney presented the following articles at TMCNet

Mobile HD Voice Heats up in Europe

Cable’s Four Steps to HD Voice

Verizon Business on Track for HD Voice by the End of the Year

The […]

AudioCodes buys rest of Natural Speech Communication


AudioCodes (www.audiocodes.com) will acquire all of N.S.C. Natural Speech Communication (NSC) that it doesn’t currently own.  Based in Israel, NSC does speech analytics and speech recognition.

Over the past couple of years, AudioCodes invested $8.6 million and held almost 60 percent of NSC, and started to count NSC’s financial results into its financials in […]