Editorial: Snapshots of HD voice progress this month at TMCnet


I have  pair of articles on TMC discussing the latest progress of HD voice in the United States and around the globe.

For the U.S.–


HD voice has finally arrived on all four major U.S. wireless carriers. However, users should be aware of the different issues and potential problems with some carriers. 


Sprint HD voice handset statistics: 12 million now, 20 million by end of year


Various sources are discussing how many 3G CDMA HD voice capable handsets Sprint has deployed. with assertions of 12 million out now and up to 20 million by end of year.

An analyst blog by Zacks.com says Sprint currently has over 12 million customers using HD voice capable handsets. 

This number is expected […]

Global mobile Suppliers Association marks 100 operators offering HD voice


The Global mobile Suppliers Association (www.gsacom.com) released its latest report on HD voice service deployments  One hundred (100) operators worldwide have turned up HD voice in 71 countries.

The majority of turn-ups have been on HSPA networks, with 8 GSM and 3 VoLTE networks also in the mix.

Additions include Orange Mali, […]

Are Play and T-Mobile Poland exchanging HD voice calls?


Interconnection between HD voice carriers has always been something shrouded in secrecy. Being able to make a seamless HD voice call regardless of network is the “Holy Grail” of high quality calling. 

One tweet suggests that calls between Play and T-Mobile Poland can be made in HD voice, but there’s no official announcement […]

GSA’s latest tally: 73 mobile networks with HD voice


A June 4, 2013 Global mobile Suppliers Association (GSA, www.gsacom.com) report puts the latest tally for commercial mobile HD voice networks at 73.  Another 23 operators/networks are trialing HD voice, with the majority of those listed as forthcoming Voice over LTE (VoLTE) deployments.  However, carriers aren’t really doing a good job talking about how […]

GL Communications adds POLQA to its testing software


GL Communications has added POLQA (Perceptual Objective Listening Quality Analysis) to its voice quality testing software.

The company’s enhanced VQuad and stand-alone Voice Quality Testing (VQT) software both incorporate support for POLQA, also known as ITU-T P.863.

POLQA is the successor to PESQ and supports the latest HD voice codecs and network transport […]

GSA: HD voice now in 45 countries, 61 networks


The Global Mobile Suppliers Association (GSA, www.gsacom.com) has issued an updated report on HD voice with a lot of trend information.  It has confirmed that 61 mobile networks in 45 countries are now delivering HD voice, up from 55 percent from a year ago.

Countries listed in the GSA HD voice repot include: Armenia, […]

Sorting through IntelePeer’s and BroadSoft’s HD voice interop “support”


IntelePeer made two HD voice interconnection announcements in October, but trying to parse through the marketing speak has proved to be painful.  The company can route G.722 calls via its CoreCloud product and has a federation-style offering for BroadSoft customers under the name of Fluent.  

With CoreCloud, IntelePeer supports G.722 via SIP trunking.  […]

GSA: HD voice on 45 mobile networks in 35 countries


In a report released on September 3, the Global mobile Suppliers Association (GSA) “confirms a rapid expansion” of mobile HD voice services worldwide using AMR-WB, with deployments on “numerous” GSM, WCDMA-UMTS  and LTE networks.

The latest “Mobile HD Voice: Global Update” report confirms HD voice services have been commercially launched in almost 60 […]

Editorial—If you want to support HD Voice News….


A lot of people appreciate HD Voice News.

If you are one of them, I hope you will consider buying this year’s 2012 report available over at TMCNet. It’s available at http://www.tmcnet.com/voip/ip-communications/HD-Voice-Second-Annual-report1.aspx. 

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