2012 HD Voice News report now available


The HD Voice News second annual report is now out and available on TMC. 

“HD Voice 2012: Proliferation” is now available at TMCnet.com for the affordable price of $120.  The report is based on three years of accumulated research and dialogue with service providers, network equipment vendors and OEM suppliers.  It documents a […]

Editorial-2012 HD voice report is done. Finally.


The 2012 HD Voice News report, “Proliferation,” is now at TMCnet. I am hoping it will be available for purchase by the end of the week, given the amount of time took to get to this point.

More information on pricing and where to get it will be posted when those details are finalized.

Editorial–Work on the 2012 HD Voice News report has begun


I have started work on the 2012 HD Voice News report, so you may not see a lot of postings in this space over the next week.

“Millions” of Fraunhofer Full-HD voice users–with a big Apple catch


When Fraunhofer rolled out its “Full-HD Voice” codec at Mobile World Congress last month, a company official boasted there were “millions” of Full-HD voice calls already talking place. Well, there are, but they all sit on the island of Apple.

More specifically, Fraunhofer’s press release said-

“Every day, millions of users already make Full-HD […]

February 2012: Best Month Ever for HD Voice News


The month of February clocked record visits to HD Voice News, with nearly 800 returning visits, over 3,750 unique visits, and nearly 5,600 page loads.

All statistics are high-marks since HD Voice News started operations in 2009.

Voxeo Labs demos WebRTC voice, video calls with Phono SDK


Wrapping up today’s software news, Voxeo Labs has demonstrated the first WebRTC-enabled voice and video calls through their Phono SDK.

Developers can now build in-browser communications applicatiosn without the use of Flash or custom software.  The Phono SDK makes WebRTC-enabled browsers capable of “dialing” traditional landlines and mobile phones.  Voxeo says when you add […]

Quick HD voice stats from IT EXPO East 2012


Miami, FL and Washington DC – At the “HD Voice: Improving Voice Quality to Meet Demands of U.S. Customers” panel at IT EXPO East 2012, representatives from Polycom and Neutral Tandem revealed some numbers worth repeating.

Jeff Rodman, CTO and co-founder of Polycom, estimated that his company has shipped all total about three (3) […]

Editorial – 2011 year end stats for HD Voice News


Closing out 2011, HD Voice News logged 5,325 returning visitors, 42,000ish page loads, and 28,400ish unique visits.

So, what does this mean, other than the fact we aren’t connected to a SEO-gaming service?

For 2010, the site’s first full year of operation, HD Voice News logged 4,814 returning visitors, 34,830 page loads, and 22,852 […]

GSA clarifies HD Voice News math, new mobile HD voice service providers


Alan Hadden, President of the Global mobile Suppliers Association (GSA – www.gsacom.com) was nice enough to drop a note to HD Voice News clarifying the math and added services providers between its October 3, 2011 report and the most recent one dated November 21, 2011.

Hadden writes–

The previous GSA report – dated October […]

SMC Networks to talk about DECT at CAT-iq developers conference


SMC Networks (www.smcnetworks.com) plans to talk about why and how the company plans to incorporate DECT into its home gateway solutions at the CAT-iq developers conference on September 20-21, 2011 in The Netherlands.

The second annual conference (http://catiq-conference.com) has a number of interesting speakers scheduled to discuss all things DECT and CAT-iq, including appearances […]