Comm Policy

HD Voice News has three (3) main vehicles for communication–

1) The website, currently, shifting to by the end of the year.

What goes on the website includes original reporting (i.e. interviewing people and assembling information, not a regurgitation of someone else’s press release), plus links to other HD Voice information and resources, including archival presentations.

2) Email – There are three mailing lists.  All mailing lists are opt-in through the website.  People can also

The primary mailing list is for the HD Voice News – email newsletter.  The newsletter typically goes out on Fridays, but there may be supplementary “special” editions that roll out in conjunction with HD events.

There are also optional/opt-in mailing lists for HD Voice-related events and third-party offers of HD Voice hardware and services.

3) Twitter – Transitioning to HDVoiceNews from HDConnectNow, the Twitter feed is used to call attention to breaking news and to inform the community about operational details about the website and other communications vehicles.

During coverage of  events, the Twitter feed may “surge” to provide real-time commentary and news.

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