Pieces on HD Communication

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HD VoIP – Talk of the Town – Alan Percy, AudioCodes

Thought pieces on HD Communications

Dan Berninger

The Promise of High Definition Voice Beyond Skype (pulver.com)

The HD Connect Manifesto (pulver.com)

How HD Voice Can Save Wireline Telecom (GigaOm)

An HD Upgrade for the Most Important Communication Link in the World (pulver.com)

Doug Mohney

HD Communications: The Third Wave

HD Communications – HD voice as the most cost-effective upgrade

What can the Obama Administration do for HD Communications?

If Blair Levin is at the FCC, what might this mean for HD Communications?

One missing of the HD Communications puzzle – A standards framework

HD Communications Summit: Analysis – Will international needs bootstrap HD voice?

Working through the communications continuum

Jeff Pulver

High Definition (HD) VoIP will be BIG in 2009

Pulver: Time to reboot the communications industry

Alan Reiter – HD VoIP: Removing Our Audio Mufflers

HD Communications Summit: Why only one telephone voice quality?

HD Communications Summit: Can You Hear Me Now

HD Communications Summit: HD Innovations Not Optional

Talking VoIP: SIP URI’s as HD Callsign

The day the VoIP Industry Rebooted

A Second Chance for VoIP:

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