Telefonica boasts SRVCC from LTE to 3G in the lab


Telefonica has become the first network operator to demonstrate the ability to transfer voice calls seamlessly and without interruption from an LTE network to a 3G network.  However, the handover was conducted in a test lab environment simulation – not in the real world.

The handover was conducted in Germany at the labs of […]

Nokia Siemens Networks claims MegaFon HD voice deployment; is it 2G *and* 3G?


Nokia Siemens Networks ( (NSN) is claiming that it has launched the “world’s first commercial HD voice GSM network” with its MegaFon deployment.  Needless to say, HD Voice News has requested clarification on the statement, but it appears that service is being delivered on both 2G and 3G networks.

The MegaFon HD voice […]

India to get mobile HD voice through Tata DOCOMO 3G rollout this month; others to follow


According to news reports out of India, Tata DOCOMO 3G will support HD voice service when it turns up on November 5 across the country in nine telecommunications zones (“circles”).

The Tata DOCOMO 3G rollout is a HSPA+ 3G network – or a “3G+” network in FT/Orange terms — supporting speeds up to 21 […]

D2 and Beceem release 4G WiMAX Android reference design


D2 Technologies ( and Beceem ( have announced a 4G reference design for Android mobile devices that deliver multi-radio VoIP call handover to existing 4G-3G multimode and WiFi solutions.

Beceem’s BCSM250 WiMAX modem provides the 4G wireless capabilities, including 4G-3G multimode and session handover, as well as WiMAX-WiFi “coexistence.” Add D2’s mCUE IP communications […]