Aastra, Level 3 offer cloud voice services and SIP trunking for Internet2 consortium


The Internet2 university network consortium has worked out a deal with Aastra and Level 3 Communications to provide managed voice services and SIP trunking to college campuses throughout the country.  Aastra says that its Clearspan hosted SIP calls will do HD voice by default with “no additional changes or charges,” so this could be […]

Aastra gets into the desktop video media phone market


NOT From Orlando Florida – Aastra (www.aastra.com) has jumped into the desktop media phone business, launching the BluStar 800i. The new video phone does “true” HD 720p video conferencing at 30 frames per second and “superior” HD sound quality.

Ignoring the video component for a second, the BluStar 8000i has a whopping four (4) […]

Metaswitch Forum: HD voice on the roadmap, including conferencing


Orlando, FL – At today’s presentations at the Metaswitch Forum (www.metaswitch.com), HD voice got some love (i.e. slides) on the product roadmap, including support for HD voice conferencing by the end of the year.

“HD voice is one of the few tricks that VoIP does that you can’t do with POTS,” said Metaswitch […]

Aastra and TurboBridge announce HD voice team-up


Aastra (www.aastrausa.com) and TurboBridge (www.turbobridge.com) have announced a bundling/trial deal for Aastra SIP phones. Look for smiles from both parties.

The two are offering a 60 day free trial of the TurboBridge “HD audio” conferencing service to Aastra SIP phone customers, carriers, and resellers. Aastra supports G.722 via its Hi-Q audio technology and G.722 […]

Aastra plugs Hi-Q G.722 codec on YouTube


While it’s not going to win any awards, Aastra (www.aastra.com) has put together a little video demonstrating the difference between G.711 and G.722 on its phones.

Available at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a5G4pbsR3OI, the 53 second long video shows a guy with a too-clean desk picking up a G.711 phone handset, speaking into it – with the […]

North America's HD Voice Fall Season


As the fall of 2009 arrives in North America, so will HD voice.  Within days, Best Buy will be stocking telo, ooma’s second generation hardware, for the holiday shopping season.  As the leaves fully change colors and approaching the Thanksgiving holiday, 8×8 will flip the switch on its Aastra software upgrade.   Both events — […]

IT EXPO – Aastra goes G.722, 8×8 upgrade in October


At IT EXPO this week, Aastra announced it’s Hi-Q audio technology (i.e. a software/firmware upgrade) for its 67xxi series desktop phones.  Hi-Q supports the G.722 wideband codec and the firmware will be available as a free software download from Aastra.

While it is good that Aasstra has joined the G.772/HD Communications bandwagon, close followers […]