Apple iPhone 4S– HD voice or not? More likely "Yes”


While there was no official discussion or mention of HD voice/wideband voice at the Apple iPhone 4S rollout earlier this week, it is possible/likely (Apologies for the hedging) that the device will support AMR-WB for voice calls in/on select vendors and markets.

T-Mobile and Orange have already announced the UK pricing for the […]

HD voice for Apple iPhone 4S?


Will Apple’s new iPhone support AMR-WB and HD voice? The company didn’t say anything about codecs and voice quality during its rollout with Sprint, but the discussions of a “world phone” imply AMR-WB support might be baked in and make a future appearance in Europe.

If/when the iPhone 4S appears in Europe and on […]

GSA update: Mobile HD voice now launched on 32 networks


The Global mobile Suppliers Association (GSA) has issued a new report on HD voice declaring “almost half” of EU member countries have commercially launched mobile HD voice services or are engaged in trials ahead of planned commercial introduction.   In addition, the report notes that “operator investment” (i.e., trials and deployments) extend far beyond Europe, […]

Broadcom supports AMR-WB in latest chipset


A Broadcom spokesperson says the codecs supported in the BCM63168 silicon release last week are G.722, AMR-WB, BroadVoice-32, and “linear WB.”

Inclusion of AMR-WB is interesting, but it isn’t clear if Broadcom is simply supporting the codec or if it has licensed it for inclusion in the chipset.

HD Voice News has asked […]

T-Mobile Austria launches mobile HD voice service


T-Mobile has launched HD voice service in Austria. This is the second official launch for T-Mobile and the second launch of mobile HD voice service in Austria.

The release, available here, notes T-Mobile has “upgraded” its entire 3G network to HD voice and the company invests over 100 million Euros per year into […]

XConnect announces AudioCodes G.722/AMR-WB transcoding for its customers


XConnect ( is touting an AudioCodes HD voice transcoding solution between wireline and wireless networks for its HD Alliance customers.  The Alliance is an IP-based federation with 11 service providers.

The new capability uses XConnect’s carrier-ENUM registry and IP interconnection services along with AudioCodes’ Mediant 3000 transcoding solution.  XConnect says the solution has been […]

T-Mobile launches mobile HD Voice in Poland


T-Mobile Poland has officially announced HD voice support, fulfilling a hint dropped earlier in the year.   This is the first T-Mobile subsidiary to launch HD voice, if memory serves.

According to the translated announcement at Telepolis.PL, T-Mobile Poland (formerly Poland ERA) has over 700,000 HD voice “enabled” phones.  More interestingly, HD voice is enabled […]

Glensound Electronics introduces HD voice phone for broadcasters


UK-based Glensound Electronics ( has published a spec sheet describing the Broadcaster’s Mobile Phone with Glensound HD Voice.  The company says the product will be available for use in August 2011.

The Glensound GS-MPI004 HD provides up to 7 kHz of audio bandwidth on a 3G network – bring your own SIM card — […]

Telstra announced mobile HD voice for Australia Next G Network


Thanks to Andy Abramson of Communicano for the tip/reminder

This morning (well, last night East Coast US time), Telstra announce the “largest HD Voice network in the world” – after all, Australia is a Big Country — as it rolled out mobile HD Voice services across its entire Next G cellular network.

Customers calling […]