TIA creates four new standards for analog HD voice phones


The Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) has approved four new standards to cover requirements for analog HD phones to connect to ATAs, MTAs or voice gateways to provide HD voice services via IP.

TIA’s Engineering Committee on Analog and Digital Wireless Terminals (Hmm,there’s an anarchic phrase) TR-41.3 has issued a “call for interest” for the […]

Gigaset shows off analog HD voice firmware support with 610A


Dallas, Texas – Gigaset (www.gigaset.com) is showing off U.S. support for 7 kHz analog HD voice on its existing hardware. The capability can be added to existing Gigaset HD voice phones via a simple firmware download, but the emphasis will likely be on newer model handsets.

A demonstration at a distributor event in Dallas […]

The Cable Show 2011/#cable11–SMC details analog/G.722 HD voice solution for cable boxes


Arris won’t be the only cable box manufacturer offering HD voice via a software upgrade to existing hardware.  SMC Networks offered more details on how the solution is built around the Intel Puma 5 family of chips.

SMC VP of Engineering Pete Quigley said Intel had recently sent out a software update for the […]