Sprint sneaks by HD voice support on the iPhone 5s, 5c


Without fanfare, Sprint’s HD voice FAQ on its website lists the Apple iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s as “HD Voice-enabled” phones.

It looks like the original Sprint iPhone 5 didn’t make the cut, judging from the list.

One question answered.

Apple iPhone 5 spurs interest in HD voice


The introduction of the iPhone 5 and its inclusion of “cellular wideband audio” has stimulated an all-time high in page views and unique visits to HD Voice News for the month of September.  Similarly, there’s been a surge of stories published around the world on what networks and carriers currently support HD voice and […]

Editorial: Thanks, I guess, Apple iPhone 5


This week was the busiest ever for the HD Voice News website. Probably be busy today thanks to the Forbes article written by Elise Ackerman, “Why iPhone 5’s Support For HD Voice Will Mean Nothing To U.S. Users.”

Apple’s (belated) rollout of HD voice support in the iPhone 5 has (finally) kicked of a […]

Apple iPhone 4S– HD voice or not? More likely "Yes”


While there was no official discussion or mention of HD voice/wideband voice at the Apple iPhone 4S rollout earlier this week, it is possible/likely (Apologies for the hedging) that the device will support AMR-WB for voice calls in/on select vendors and markets.

T-Mobile and Orange have already announced the UK pricing for the […]

D2 adds iPhone, multi-party video to its mCUE IP communications stack; VoLTE support coming


D2 Technologies (www.d2tech.com) has rolled in support for multi-party video conferencing into the mCUE communications client and ported it over to the Apple iOS family (iPhone, iPad). In addition, mCUE will be fully VoLTE compliant by Q4 2011.

COO Doug Makishima said operators are looking for a “good enough” applications solution to put on […]

Goober VoIP joins the iPhone HD / “it’s cheap phone calls” crowd


It is deja vu all over again,  with Goober Networks (www.goober.com) offering a mobile VoIP solution that delivers “crystal-clear” HD voice capabilities over WiFi or 3G – not to mention low-cost VoIP pricing, unified communications, yadda-yadda.

The goober soft clients are using the Global IP Solutions (www.gipscorp.com) software stack, just like every other major […]