Rumor: Apple iPhone 6 will support VoLTE


Sources near Silicon Valley say Apple won’t be supporting Voice over LTE (VoLTE) until it releases the iPhone 6 this fall. 

Currently, the Apple iPhone 5/5c/5s supports HD voice on 3G/HSPA-esque networks; this includes nearly all of the overseas HD voice deployments, plus the T-Mobile US network. 

According to Sprint’s website, the […]

Apple announces FaceTime Audio


At its WWDC 2013 conference in June, Apple announced it is releasing FaceTime Audio later this year.  The audio-only version of FaceTime will likely be a “full” HD voice client given its use of the Fraunhofer AAC codec family.

Versions of FaceTime Audio will be available for Apple iOS 7 and OS X “Mavericks” […]

iTweakiOS extends Apple iPhone HD voice hacks to AT&T network


The crew at iTweakiOS has released a hacked version of iOS for Apple iPhones on the AT&T network, supporting HD voice today on the 4S and 5 on the AT&T network.  It suggests AT&T will be supporting HD voice across all of its cellular network, not just the LTE portion.

A few weeks ago, […]

Editorial: Thanks, I guess, Apple iPhone 5


This week was the busiest ever for the HD Voice News website. Probably be busy today thanks to the Forbes article written by Elise Ackerman, “Why iPhone 5’s Support For HD Voice Will Mean Nothing To U.S. Users.”

Apple’s (belated) rollout of HD voice support in the iPhone 5 has (finally) kicked of a […]

Apple delivers HD voice on the iPhone 5


This story updated around 11:45 PM ET on September 12 — Audience voice processing tech is notin the Apple iPhone 5.  HD Voice News apologies for the erroneous information.

After months of speculation, Apple has announced the iPhone 5.   The new device supports “cellular wideband audio” and “over” 20 carriers will support the […]

Editorial: iPad, Apple, and HD voice–Who knows?


Does the “new” iPad support HD voice? If you take Fraunhofer’s definition of “Full-HD voice” – meaning if it uses its codec – the answer is, yes, the Apple iPad and iPhones with Facetime do HD voice.  But that’s not HD voice as defined within the mobile world today.

What if the phone […]

“Millions” of Fraunhofer Full-HD voice users–with a big Apple catch


When Fraunhofer rolled out its “Full-HD Voice” codec at Mobile World Congress last month, a company official boasted there were “millions” of Full-HD voice calls already talking place. Well, there are, but they all sit on the island of Apple.

More specifically, Fraunhofer’s press release said-

“Every day, millions of users already make Full-HD […]

Invoxia releases AudiOffice HD voice dock for iPad, iPhone


At Mobile World Congress, Invoxia has released the AudiOffice, a phone/Apple iThings dock optimized for the desktop.

Like its’ pricy predecessor the NVX 610 , the AudiOffice focuses on delivering the best sound quality.  It has four wideband speakers and two digital microphones to deliver better bass, perform sound processing to filter out echos […]

Vonage brags about HD voice in Vonage Mobile soft client


Vonage ( says it supports free HD voice phone calls between its Vonage Mobile soft clients on Apple iThings (iPhone/iPod/iPad) and Android devices. Is it G.722 or something else?

The announcement was made (but there’s no press release up on the company’s web site) on Wednesday, February 8. The free app delivers free HD […]

HD voice for Apple iPhone 4S?


Will Apple’s new iPhone support AMR-WB and HD voice? The company didn’t say anything about codecs and voice quality during its rollout with Sprint, but the discussions of a “world phone” imply AMR-WB support might be baked in and make a future appearance in Europe.

If/when the iPhone 4S appears in Europe and on […]